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Appointments are help at the address shown. Home Visits can sometimes be offered for a small additional charge. Appointments can also be carried out on Skype or Face Time.

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My Approach

With the various approaches to problems and Life Changing actions available through the various technique that I have available, allows me to tailor my approach more accurately to your needs. This results is faster and more straight forward approach to achieving your desired outcome.  In the words or Richard Bandler, co developer of NLP and Master Hypnotist "We look for simple solutions to complex problems". Unfortunately many therapists work to the opposite philosophy. 

Each person is different and unique, even if they are presenting with the same or similar problem, so the approach and solution has to be unique also. If you are unsure as to whether your issue can be resolved or if I am able to help, please "ring for a chat". If I feel that I am unable to assist you, I will endeavour to recommend someone who may be able too.