Personal Development

Appointments – Please Note

Most appointments are approximately 1 hour duration. The appointments can be face to face or on-line. During the current restrictions and need for extra caution caused by the Coid-19 virus we have suspended our face to face appointments. The appointment can be successfully carried out on-line safely with good results. Please feel free to call for a chat.

Personal Development

Many people go through their life being unhappy with their relationships, employment, finances, health and more. Living with the belief that they have to just accept what life throws at them. They look at those around them that appears to be achieving a lot more than them. They don’t have to. We have the Power2Change, make plans and strive to create the future you desire. Remember life is a journey not a destination.

Just like any lengthy journey can be supported by a map or satnav or even a friend in the passenger seat giving guidance or advice. Our personal development sessions are designed for each individual, taking into account your personal situation and desires. We will agree goals, target and strategies for change. With regular reviews and adjustment to the route, success will be achieved. You don’t have to be on this journey on your own. Allow me to be your guide.

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