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"There is no present like the time".

This is therefore a good time to focus on NOW. When I was growing up my mother used to say quite frequently “count your blessings”. As I have now got older (just a little) I understand the wisdom in her words. We cannot change the past and we cannot see into the future. What we have is this moment in time. I remember asking an old friend of mine, Ormond McGill, how he kept going as he was quite elderly and not in great health. He told me that he woke up every morning and that was the first good news of the day. He then said he looked out the window at the sky and raises hands above his head and said “I opened my mind, my body and my soul to the universe to give me all the energy and resources that I require to be successful today”.

So just take a moment to count your blessings, by reading this I know you have wakened up today and that to be able to read this you must also be in at least reasonable health and have a computer and still have an interest in the world around you. A person who has people in your life that matter most to you, and when did you last tell them? What can you do today to help someone to make them do better or feel better? What can you do today that you can be proud off? Today is a certainty, that you have been given that’s why it’s called the present it’s a gift. Use today as if it were to be the most exciting gift you will ever receive. Look for the good things around you, the colours, the sounds, the people you know, work colleagues, neighbours, friends and family. I think, when you carry out this exercise, you will find that you have a lot to be grateful for.

This moment is yours, you can use it as you want, you can let it slide by, replaced by the next moment or you can enjoy it, treasure it and make the most of it. Count your blessings and today will seem brighter. Share the moment with others, I challenge you to make a stranger smile, give a kind word to someone who looks as if they would benefit from it. And those of you, who have attended training with me, remember the words I use at the end of every day as we parted company.

Live each day with a passion, as if you really meant it.


"There is no present like the time".